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Company Profile

 On 1995, Iraci Packaging was founded by Lucia Iraci. She made a precise choice and decided to renew the packaging sector with more modern,   stom-tailored”, following specific market requests.
 creative ideas and quality. Her philosophy is that the casing should be nice in itself and enhance the content. On these bases, she creates very   Lucia Iraci ability to translate the needs and ideas into products leads to results very appreciated by customers, hence the companies that rely
 special packaging collections using skilled labour and craftsmanship from her laboratory. It is important to emphasise that the activity and   on her to enhance their image are constantly growing in number. The packaging of a high standard “custom-tailored” product has become the
 production are mostly performed by hand by artisans from different fields such as bookbinding, carpentry, tailoring, printing and lacquering, that   strong point of this company, able to meet the new market of Luxury and the “Made in Italy” trademark.
 recovered the “know-how” of the great tradition of the “Made in Italy” trademark.  In 2013, a collaboration project with a German company was set up for small jewellery distributed in the International Duty Free shops and
 Besides, it is evident that it is the attention to details, technical solutions, the accuracy of the construction that make the difference with respect   on board aircraft, for which they have been designed with appropriate boxes, elegant though small to be carried in hand luggage. The flight
 to industrial products. Product areas, where stated, include high pastry, confectionery, small chocolate niche producers etc. For these sectors   packaging business is the new milestone that is affecting many companies for their products sold “in flight”.
 are prepared, every year, two special collections, which provide equipment “Pret-à Porter” showcases on the Christmas and Easter themes.   Iraci Packaging offers its customers a total cooperation service. This to guarantee best results, in addition to punctual deliveries and quality
 They are real showcase projects that include various components from decorative fabrics, to puppets, to flowers and decorative objects such   checking.
 as vases, glasses, ribbons etc. For these collections, a special catalogue is published twice a year.
 Another area where Iraci Company is specialised in is the Bridal world and all that is related: from wedding favours to wedding dress boxes
 – providing a very special solution for folding and storing such special dresses. The business has expanded to various collaborations with pre-  The services offered are:
 stigious brands of perfume, small jewellery, thanks to Lucia Iraci’s refined techniques and details of the packaging stimulated by the specific   Concept creation
       Graphic and logo development
 requirements of each customer.  Brand image coordination
 All this is possible thanks to her expertise, knowledge of materials and the ability to lead her team of highly skilled craftsmen, able to interpret   Material search and selection
 the needs of most exigent customers. The tradition at the service of modern creativity characterises the production. The idea of a simple box is   Development of themes and measures
       Study of special technical solutions                     Brands and logos represented on this catalogue are exclusive
 transformed into a beautiful elegant object with unusual geometries.  Prototype development  property of clients and Companies indicated, our use is
 In 2012 the collections dedicated to Fashion, Design, and House Complements were created. These boxes, containers and bags are “cu-  Production, logistics, delivery  llustrative technical works carried out.

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